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Treat yourself this holiday.

Ten gift ideas for you own wish list this holiday season.

  1. Christina Karin Convertible Shoulder Sweater

  2. Compoveda Tequila The Perfect sipping tequila

  3. Arch Glow Botanical Oil Chicago winter-proofer

  4. The Thank-you Project - Nancy Davis Kho

  5. Equilibria CBD gift box - CBD bath bombs are the bomb

  6. Uwila Warrior - Stylish and comfortable underwear

  7. The Book of Gutsy Women - Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

  8. Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup on MasterClass - Learn from the best

  9. SALT woven handbag strap - Elevates any handbag

  10. The Heirloomist - Making your treasured items into art

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