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Time for You

Not sure about you, but I am finally starting to get into somewhat of a rhythm with this live/learn/work from home situation.  So if you find that you have a little more you-time this week, I am sharing a few unique selections from the virtual world to check out - from book clubs to floral design to music - opportunities to channel our energy into something new.

This unique experience has been curated by Happy Women Dinners and features two books you will read and discuss over a 6 week period: Willas's Grove by Laura Munson and Why Bother? by Jennifer Louden. This is beyond your usual book club, with zoom discussions hosted by the authors themselves. This is an opportunity read, pause, discover and and discuss reinvention.

Paige hosts groups of women across the US for her Live What Matters Workshop - this is how I first met her and I can tell you it is such a worthwhile investment in yourself.

It is a workshop devoted to meaning, purpose and connection. Paige will share stories from her journey as a wife, mother, teacher, and writer as well as impart the wisdom she has gleaned from the hundreds of women she has supported as a counselor and life coach over the years.

Zoom Webinar - April 23rd, 2:30 - 4:30 PST (*Paige on video, participants are not). More details here.

More opportunities to learn, grow, connect...

Yale's most popular class - The Science of Well-Being, is being offered free online. Learn how to be happier in your daily life.... Chicago Community EvolveHer is curating a list of best-in-class virtual events... Six Degrees Society is taking it's super popular women-focused networking events online - first event is free! NY luxe natural florist Sachi Rose (official florist of the Wing) is offering an online floral arranging class - each student receives a box of fresh flowers to work with!   

Music is keeping me sane right now!

If you need a new soundtrack to your #quarantine life, check out bad-ass Chicago DJ Megan Taylor on Spotify, or follow her on instagram for some live DJ sessions and upbeat inspiration.

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