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The Next List: Shannon Buth

I'm so excited to launch The Next List! Each week I'll be sharing stories of dynamic women that are living their NEXT - whether that's a career pivot, launching a business, chasing an idea or just courageously trying something new.

First up is Shannon Buth, creator of the House Of Shan blog, stylish boy mama, and a gatherer of women. After working in the fashion industry, and then taking a few years at home to enjoy her 4(!) boys, Shannon created her NEXT chapter - launching House of Shan as a platform to share and connect with other women. House of Shan brings to life modern motherhood and meaningful conversations in one vibrant place. It's about creating community, opening up about love and loss, and the ups, downs and sideways of motherhood. It's a positive place of connection, gathering women both online and offline. I know you are going to love hearing her story.

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What has your career path been like up to this point?

I've always loved fashion and worked in the world of fashion in some capacity.  I worked for a multi line showroom straight out of college, and then went onto be the midwest sales manager for a clothing line Three Dots.  I loved my time with the company but was always traveling and wanted to start a family.  I decided to mix things up and went to work for the 'start up' Trunk Club, as their very first stylist.

How did you know it was time for a change?  Was there a defining moment that sparked you into action?

I made the choice to leave Trunk Club when I was pregnant with my twin boys.  I wanted that time at home with my babies.  My oldest was 19 months when my twins were born, and It was crazy town at our house, for a few years.... oh wait, it still is, ha!   And, right when we saw the light at the end of the tunnel- no diapers, we were sleeping again, we got the surprise of our lives and found out I was pregnant with another BOY!  It's been a wild ride with these boys, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

When my twins were babies I needed a lifeline.  I reignited a mom's group called Twentyfoursevenmom.  I invited over a few girlfriends and neighbors.  The concept was to have speakers come in and talk about relevant mom topics- its a night out for mothers to connect, have a break, a glass of wine (or two), and lean on/learn from another.  I realized after my first event that women NEED that connection.  And, that is my strength- connecting women.  Almost 8 years later, we have about 200 women on our email list, and it's an incredible group of Mothers that come together for these events.

I think it was that inner voice/yearning for something more that pushed me to start House of Shan.  Something for myself, a little place for my voice to be heard, to share topics that are meaningful- to talk about the loss of my Mother, to share badass women owned companies I’m inspired by- all the things! It’s been such an amazing creative outlet for me and has turned into so many fun opportunities. 

I always say, women thrive when we come together and support one another! When we come together and lift each other up, magic happens.  it’s truly what it’s all about.

Where did you find support and inspiration?

I find support and inspiration from my children, my husband, and so many women in my life that are 'getting after their dreams'. 

How did motherhood play a role in your career path?

I feel like it's all about 'timing'.  I made the choice to stay home with my babies, and it was the right choice for me.  There are certain things I look back at and think 'could've been' but I was right where I needed (and wanted) to be.  But, now I feel that it's time for me to spread my wings and fly again.  

What was your biggest challenge in changing direction or starting something new?

Time!!!  Theres never enough time in the day to finish what I want to do.  And, therefore time management is my challenge.  

People tell you when your kids get older, 'it's a different kind of busy' and I get that now.  We're now racing to practice, in between homework, and attempting to eat dinner as a family, and balance is my biggest challenge.

What advice would you give to other women that feel stuck in their current situation

Make the change, do the thing, it will be liberating.

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Do you have a favorite quote?

'Live what you love'  It's so simple, but we only get one shot, one life, and we best do what we love for our short time here.  My friend gave my mom and I matching bracelets with 'live what you love' engraved on them.  My mom was really sick at the time, and she passed a few months later.  But, it's such a reminder to live each day, and be grateful for each day that we have.

What are you reading, listening to, who are you following?

The last book I read was Where the Crawdad Sings (couldn't put it down), I love Rachel Hollis' podcast and I just binge watched Game of Thrones with my husband.  Dang that was good!  I follow lots of fun fashion bloggers, and Cup of Jo is hands down my favorite to follow. 

What’s NEXT for you?

I recently hosted a Heymama gratitude dinner event that raised money in support of FEED. I’m truly so honored to be a part of gathering for a worthy cause. Next month I'm hosting a 'Mistletoe Market' to hightlight some badass women entrepreneurs. 


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