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The Next Collective Women's Conference


Thank You to Our Amazing Speakers!

Sally Lou Loveman, Emcee & Speaker, The Next Collective, Speaker Coach, Audience Producer, Founder of Lovespeaks, LLC
Alicia Driskill, Speaker, The Next Collective, Founder & CEO of Evolveher
Kate Sullivan, Speaker at the Next Collective, Host & Executive Produer of "To Dine For with Kat Sullivan"
Amy Wilson, Speaker at The Next Collective, Actor, Writer, Speaker, Co-Host of "What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the face of motherhood" podcast
Paige Nolan, The Next Collective Speaker, Writer, Speaker, Coach of "Live What matters" workshop
Laura Sage, speaker at The Next Collective, creator & ceo chill ch/ll meditation, co-founder of the lynn sage foundation
colleen curtis, speaker at the next collective, head of marketing and community at the mom project
molly vaile, panelist at the next collective, executive director, wndr museum chicago
elaine frei, panelist at the next collective, owner & founder of luft balloons
jeannine adams, panelist at the next collective, founder of ready pretty
christina karin monley, panelist at the next collective, founder and creative director of christina karin fashion design
beth berke, panelist at the next collective, owner and creative director of south loop loft
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