Find Your Next.

The Next Collective is a dynamic online + events platform curated for women interested in a career pivot, entrepreneurship or finding a personal purpose.

The Next Collective connects women with inspiration, resources and a like-minded community to fuel the path to their NEXT opportunity.  

We believe the next chapter could be your best yet.


You're Our People.

The Next Collective is curated for the woman with some life experience under her belt and a desire to create a new career path.
The Next Collective is for the woman who wants to return to work; the woman who wants to explore something new; or the woman who is already working on making her dream a reality.
Most importantly, it’s for the woman asking herself:
Is this it? Is there more?
What’s NEXT for me?


I founded The Next Collective, quite honestly, because I was looking for a community of women to be 'my people’.

My career started in advertising and it has taken many unexpected turns - including working and living abroad, self-employment and being CEO of the Homefront.  As I approached the half-time mark (in life and my career!), I felt a growing restlessness and desire to pursue something more, with greater intention and purpose.


In talking to other women about these ideas and I realized I wasn't alone - this is a truth that resonates with so many women at this life stage! And I believe there is something powerful about bringing these women together to inspire and support each other.  At the heart of The Next Collective platform is my desire to create a space for like-minded women to have a conversation about finding their next meaningful opportunity.


Inspired by the idea that it's never too late to change paths, start over, to begin again - to pursue the idea that your Next chapter can be your best chapter!



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